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.csv .csv, import .dbf .gdb .gpx .kml .loc .mps .nmea .shp .shx .txt .txt, export waypoints .txt, import .xls about ExpertGPS command acre acreage activate ExpertGPS active point active point, go to (command) active point, set add coordinate format dialog add GPS dialog add scanned map command add to favorites command add USGS topo map command add waypoint to route add waypoint to route command adding columns to list view adding waypoints to a route aerial photo map aerial photo map, enable retrieval aerial photo map, show (command) ArcView arcview, export notes as points arcview, export shapes arcview, export tracks arcview, export waypoints area area, calculating area, create closed shape arrange windows in a cascade average waypoint average waypoint command averaging a group of waypoints averaging a tracklog to create a waypoint backtrack backtrack command backtracking a track bitmap BMP BNG coordinate format break break shape command break track command breaking a route (scissors tool) breaking a shape breaking a shape (scissors tool) breaking a track breaking a track (scissors tool) building a route by adding waypoints Calc calibrate scanned map command calibrating a scanned map calibration point calibration point 1 tool calibration point 2 tool calibration point, calibrating a map calibration point, calibration point 1 tool calibration point, calibration point 2 tool calibration point, go to calibration point 1 cascade command center of a group of waypoints change change scale change, see also edit changing the coordinate format changing the datum changing the order of columns clear selection clear selection command close close command close file command closing a file closing a route closing a shape closing a track columns columns, change order columns, rearrange columns, show columns, sort combine gpx files comma delimited text comma-separated values command command, about ExpertGPS command, add scanned map command, add to favorites command, add to map legend command, add USGS topo map command, add waypoint to route command, average waypoint command, backtrack command, break command, calibrate scanned map command, cascade command, clear selection command, close command, close file command, convert route to shape command, convert route to track command, convert shape to route command, convert shape to track command, convert to note command, convert to waypoint command, convert track to route command, convert track to shape command, copy command, cut command, delete command, delete points command, detach photo from waypoint command, edit command, edit note command, edit photo command, edit route command, edit shape command, edit track command, edit waypoint command, enable Internet map retrieval command, enter registration code command, export command, export DXF command, export image command, export map data command, export notes command, export profile image command, export routes command, export shapes command, export trackpoints command, export tracks command, export waypoints command, extract features from OpenStreetMap command, file information command, find address command, get elevation command, go to active point command, go to favorite command, go to map calibration point 1 command, go to map center command, grid builder command, hide command, hide elevation profile command, hide map display options window command, hide map retrieval status window command, import command, import DXF command, import file geodatabase command, import gpx command, import shapefile command, import text command, join command, join routes command, join shapes command, join tracks command, line of sight command, line of sight command, measure command, new file command, new route (by clicking on map) command, new waypoint command, open command, open scanned map library command, organize favorites command, paste command, photo options command, place label here command, preferences command, print command, print preview command, print preview command, print preview (elevation profile) command, print preview (map) command, print setup command, project waypoint command, purchase ExpertGPS command, receive from GPS command, redo command, refresh map tiles command, remove gaps command, remove waypoint from route command, reverse command, save command, save map calibration file command, save world file command, select all command, select inverse command, send map to gps command, send to GPS command, set active point command, show aerial photo map command, show all command, show elevation profile command, show map display options window command, show map retrieval status window command, show only selected command, show scanned map command, show street map command, show topo map command, show White Background command, simplify command, split command, split route at waypoint command, switch to another scanned map command, undo command, view camera location on map command, view gallery command, view in google earth command, view in list command, view in photo viewer command, view on map command, view online command, view start of track command, zoom in connecting two routes connecting two shapes connecting two tracks Convert menu convert menu, export DXF convert menu, import DXF convert menu, import file geodatabase convert note to waypoint command convert photo to waypoint command convert route to shape command convert route to track command convert shape to route command convert shape to track command convert to note convert to route convert to shape convert to track convert to waypoint convert track to route command convert track to shape command convert waypoint to note command converting routes to shapes converting routes to tracks converting shapes to routes command converting shapes to tracks converting tracks to routes command converting tracks to shapes converting waypoints to notes coordinate formats coordinate formats, decimal degrees coordinate formats, deg min sec coordinate formats, deg min.min coordinate formats, UTM copy command copying create new waypoint at a fixed distance create route by clicking on map creating a closed route creating a closed shape creating a closed track creating a waypoint by averaging a group of waypoints creating a waypoint by averaging a tracklog csv csv, import Ctrl key cut command cutting datums datums, NAD27 datums, WGS84 dbf decimal degrees coordinate format deg min sec coordinate format deg min.min coordinate format delete command delete points delete points command deleting notes deleting routes deleting shapes deleting trackpoints deleting tracks deleting waypoints dialog, add coordinate format dialog, add GPS dialog, edit coordinates dialog, geotag photos dialog, GPS settings dialog, import text wizard dialog, map display options dialog, map folder dialog, map name dialog, map retrieval dialog, my coordinate formats dialog, my GPS receivers dialog, photo not found dialog, photo options dialog, photo viewer dialog, photo viewer options dialog, preferences dialog, print dialog, print map dialog, print setup dialog, progress dialog, received waypoint types dialog, scanned map library dialog, select scanned map dialog, tracking dialog, units of measure digital map disable Internet map retrieval command distance distance along path distance, calculating distance, set starting point DOQ download aerial photos download topo maps draw route draw shape draw track DRG DXF, export DXF, import DXF, import Earth edit edit command edit coordinates dialog edit menu edit menu, copy edit menu, cut edit menu, delete edit menu, edit edit menu, edit note edit menu, edit photo edit menu, edit route edit menu, edit shape edit menu, edit track edit menu, edit waypoint edit menu, hide edit menu, paste edit menu, preferences edit menu, redo edit menu, select all edit menu, select inverse edit menu, show all edit menu, show only selected edit menu, undo edit note command edit photo command edit route command edit shape command edit track command edit waypoint command elevation profile elevation profile, export profile image elevation profile, hide (command) elevation profile, print preview (command) elevation profile, show (command) enable Internet map retrieval command enter registration code command erase shape erase track error messages, coordinates error messages, export file error messages, gps error messages, gps transfer error messages, import scanned map error messages, map retrieval error messages, save gpx file ESRI esri, export notes as points esri, export shapes esri, export tracks esri, export waypoints Excel ExpertGPS registration info ExpertGPS version info export export command export DXF command export image command export notes command export profile image command export routes command export shapes command export trackpoints command export tracks command export waypoints command export, ESRI ArcView export, Garmin MapSource export, Google Earth export, Microsoft Excel export, NMEA log files export, OpenOffice Calc export, spreadsheet extend route extend shape extend track extract features from OpenStreetMap command favorite feet file file format file format, csv file format, dbf file format, gdb file format, gpx file format, kml file format, loc file format, mps file format, nmea file format, shp file format, shx file format, txt file format, xls file information command file menu file menu, close file menu, export file menu, export map data file menu, export notes file menu, export routes file menu, export shapes file menu, export trackpoints file menu, export tracks file menu, export waypoints file menu, file information file menu, import file menu, import gpx file menu, import shapefile file menu, import text file menu, merge gpx file menu, new file menu, open file menu, print file menu, print preview file menu, print preview file menu, print preview (elevation profile) file menu, print preview (map) file menu, print setup file menu, save file, close command file, information file, open file, save filling a route filling a shape filling a track find address command garmin custom maps Garmin MapSource gdb geo-referencing a scanned map Geocache menu geocache, view gallery geocaching geocaching, combine gpx files geocaching, find center geocaching, increasing accuracy by averaging geocaching, merge gpx files geotag photos dialog geotagging photos get elevation command getting started go menu go menu, add to favorites go menu, find address go menu, go to active point go menu, go to map calibration point 1 go menu, go to map center go menu, view in list go menu, view on map go to active point command go to map calibration point 1 command go to map center command google earth Google Earth google earth, export map google earth, export waypoints gps GPS exchange file gps exchange file, import (command) gps exchange file, merge GPS exchange format gps menu GPS menu, receive from GPS GPS menu, send to GPS GPS settings dialog GPS, receive from (command) GPS, send to gpx gpx 1.0, export map gpx 1.0, export waypoints gpx, file information gpx, import (command) gpx, merge gpx, open gpx, save grid builder command hand tool help menu help menu, about ExpertGPS help menu, enter registration code help menu, purchase ExpertGPS hide command hide elevation profile command hide map display options window command hide map retrieval status window command image image, export imagery import import .csv file import .txt file import command import DXF command import DXF command import gpx command import shapefile command import tab-delimited file import text command import text wizard dialog import, ESRI ArcView import, Garmin MapSource import, Google Earth import, Microsoft Excel import, NMEA log files import, OpenOffice Calc import, spreadsheet index inserting waypoints into a route Internet Internet, enable map retrieval Internet, map retrieval status window inverse inverse, select (command) invert selection join join command join routes join routes command join shapes join shapes command join tracks join tracks command JPEG keys keys keys, shortcut keys, shortcut kilometers kml kml, export map kml, export waypoints label label, make larger label, move location label, place here latitude Layers library line of sight command line of sight command list list columns list menu list, export list, notes list, photos list, route waypoints list, routes list, shape points list, shapes list, trackpoints list, tracks list, waypoints loc loc format loc, open locating the center of a group of waypoints longitude magnify magnifying glass map map calibration file map calibration file, save map display options dialog map display options window, hide (command) map display options window, show (command) map folder dialog map legend map library map menu map menu, add scanned map map menu, add USGS topo map map menu, calibrate scanned map map menu, enable Internet map retrieval map menu, export image map menu, extract features from OpenStreetMap map menu, hide map display options window map menu, hide map retrieval status window map menu, open scanned map library map menu, refresh map tiles map menu, save map calibration file map menu, save world file map menu, send map to gps map menu, show map display options window map menu, show map retrieval status window map menu, switch to another scanned map map menu, view start of track map menu, zoom in map name dialog map retrieval status window map retrieval status window, hide (command) map retrieval status window, show (command) map scale, zoom in map scale, zoom tool map server, add custom map, add note map, add waypoint map, breaking a route (scissors tool) map, breaking a shape (scissors tool) map, breaking a track (scissors tool) map, calibrating a scanned map map, calibration point 1 tool map, calibration point 2 tool map, draw route map, draw shape map, draw track map, enable retrieval map, erase shape map, erase track map, export data map, extend route map, extend shape map, extend track map, go to active point (command) map, go to map center (command) map, make text larger map, move map, move selected tool map, new note map, new waypoint map, note tool map, print preview (command) map, recenter map tool map, recenter on calibration point 1 map, route tool map, scanned map library map, scissors tool map, select items map, view on (command) map, view on (command) map, working with map, zoom tool MapSource maptech, export notes as waypoints maptech, export route maptech, export tracks maptech, export waypoints track marker marker, backtrack marker, break at marker, place label here marker, set active point marker, split at marking known points on a scanned map measure measure command menu menu, Convert menu, edit menu, file menu, Geocache menu, go menu, gps menu, help menu, list menu, map menu, Options menu, photo menu, tools menu, Track menu, waypoint menu, window merge gpx files meters metes and bounds metric system MGRS coordinate format Microsoft Excel miles modify modify, see also edit move map tool move selected tool mps mxf, export notes as waypoints mxf, export waypoints my coordinate formats dialog my GPS receivers dialogs NAD 27 datum NAPP national geographic, export notes as waypoints national geographic, export waypoints nautical chart new command new route command (by clicking on map) new waypoint new waypoint command NMEA note note list note list, export notes note list, print preview note tool note, convert to waypoint note, convert waypoint to note note, copy note, create note, cut note, delete note, edit (command) note, export note, hide (command) note, move label location note, new note, note tool note, paste note, set active point note, show only selected (command) note, view in google earth note, view in list note, view on map note, view online open command open scanned map library command OpenOffice options Options menu orthophoto OSM other programs paste command pasting perimeter photo photo list photo menu photo menu, detach photo from waypoint photo menu, photo options photo menu, view camera location on map photo menu, view in photo viewer photo not found dialog photo options command photo options dialog photo viewer dialog photo viewer options dialog photo, convert to waypoint photo, detach from waypoint photo, edit (command) photo, geotagging photo, photo options photo, show only selected (command) photo, view camera location on map photo, view in google earth photo, view in photo viewer place label here place label here command PNG POB point point of beginning point, export waypoints point, import point, see also calibration point point, see also shape point point, see also trackpoint points on a scanned map polygon polygon, export shapes polygon, export tracks polygon, import polyline polyline, export shapes polyline, export tracks polyline, import preferences preferences command preferences dialog print command print dialog print map window print preview command print preview command print preview command (elevation profile) print preview command (map) print setup command print setup dialog profile profile, print preview (command) program options progress dialog project waypoint project waypoint command property property lines rearranging the order of columns receive from GPS command received waypoint types dialog recenter map tool redo command reduce number of trackpoints refresh map tiles command register ExpertGPS registration code, enter registration code, purchase registration info for ExpertGPS remove gaps remove gaps command remove waypoint from route remove waypoint from route command removing columns from list view removing line between two tracks removing notes removing routes removing shapes removing tracks removing waypoints returning to point of beginning reverse reverse command reversing a route reversing a shape reversing a track route route list route list, export routes route list, print preview route tool route waypoint route waypoint list route waypoint list, print preview route waypoint, add to route route waypoint, copy route waypoint, create new at a fixed distance route waypoint, cut route waypoint, draw on map route waypoint, edit (command) route waypoint, export route waypoint, paste route waypoint, project route waypoint, remove from route route waypoint, set active point route waypoint, split route at waypoint route waypoint, view in google earth route waypoint, view in list route waypoint, view on map route waypoint, view online route, add waypoint to route route, area route, break (scissors tool) route, close route, convert shape to route route, convert to shape route, convert to track route, convert track to route route, copy route, create by clicking on map route, cut route, delete route, delete waypoint from route, distance route, draw on map route, edit (command) route, export route, extend route, filled route, hide (command) route, join route, measure distance along route, move label location route, paste route, receive routes from GPS route, remove waypoint from route, reverse route, send all to GPS route, show only selected (command) route, split at waypoint route, view in google earth route, view in list route, view on map route, view online routes routes, working with rxf, export route satellite photo save command save map calibration file command save world file command scale, zoom in scale, zoom tool scanned map scanned map library scanned map library, add map scanned map, add to library scanned map, calibrate scanned map, calibrating scanned map, calibration point scanned map, map calibration file scanned map, open scanned map library scanned map, save map calibration file scanned map, save world file scanned map, show (command) scanned map, switch to another map (command) scanned map, world file scissors tool secondary actions for map tools select all command select inverse command select scanned map dialog select tool selecting items on the map selection selection, clear selection, delete send map to gps command send to GPS command set active point set active point command settings shape shape list shape list, export shapes shape list, print preview shape point shape point list shape point list, print preview shape point, copy shape point, cut shape point, delete shape point, export shape point, paste shape point, set active point shape point, view in google earth shape point, view in list shape point, view on map shape point, view online shape tool shape, area shape, break (scissors tool) shape, break at marker shape, clear selection shape, close shape, convert route to shape shape, convert to route shape, convert to track shape, convert track to shape shape, copy / shape, cut shape, delete shape, delete shape points shape, distance shape, draw curves shape, draw on map shape, draw straight lines shape, edit (command) shape, erase shape, export shape, extend shape, filled shape, hide (command) shape, join shape, measure distance along shape, move label location shape, paste shape, remove gaps shape, reverse shape, selection shape, show only selected (command) shape, simplify shape, split at marker shape, view in google earth shape, view in list shape, view on map shape, view online shapefile shapefile, export notes as points shapefile, export shapes shapefile, export tracks shapefile, export waypoints shapefile, import shortcut keys shortcut keys show aerial photo map command show all command show elevation profile command show map display options window command show map retrieval status window command show only selected command show scanned map command show street map command show topo map command show White Background command shp shp, export notes as points shp, export shapes shp, export tracks shp, export waypoints shx simplify simplify command solving for the center of a group of waypoints sorting columns split split command split route at waypoint split route at waypoint command spreadsheet square feet street map street map, show (command) surveying surveying, metes and bounds surveying, property lines surveying, return to point of beginning switch to another scanned map command tab-delimited text tab-delimited text, export notes tab-delimited text, export trackpoints tab-delimited text, export waypoints tab-delimited trackpoints tab-delimited waypoints terrain navigator, export notes as waypoints terrain navigator, export tracks terrain navigator, export waypoints TerraServer TerraServer aerial photo Terraserver topo map text text, make larger text, tab-delimited TIFF tool tool tool, calibration point 1 tool, calibration point 2 tool, Ctrl key tool, move map tool, move selected tool, note tool, recenter map tool, route tool, scissors tool, secondary action tool, select tool, shape tool, track tool, waypoint tool, zoom toolbar tools menu topo map topo map, enable retrieval topo map, show (command) topo!, export notes as waypoints topo!, export waypoints tpg, export notes as waypoints tpg!, export waypoints track track list track list, export tracks track list, print preview Track menu track tool track, area track, average shape points track, average trackpoints track, backtrack track, break (scissors tool) track, break at marker track, clear selection track, close track, convert route to track track, convert shape to track track, convert to route track, convert to shape track, copy track, cut track, delete track, delete trackpoints track, distance track, draw curves track, draw on map track, draw straight lines track, edit (command) track, erase track, export track, extend track, filled track, hide (command) track, join track, measure distance along track, move label location track, paste track, receive tracks from GPS track, reduce number of trackpoints track, remove gaps track, reverse track, selection track, send all to GPS track, show only selected (command) track, simplify track, split at marker track, view in google earth track, view in list track, view on map track, view online tracking tracking dialog tracking, getting started trackpoint trackpoint list trackpoint list, export trackpoints trackpoint list, print preview trackpoint, copy trackpoint, cut trackpoint, delete trackpoint, export trackpoint, paste trackpoint, set active point trackpoint, tab-delimited trackpoint, view in google earth trackpoint, view in list trackpoint, view on map trackpoint, view online troubleshooting troubleshooting, GPS doesn't work with ExpertGPS? troubleshooting, only one route gets sent to ExpertGPS? troubleshooting, why don't my coordinates match? txf, export tracks txt txt, export notes txt, export trackpoints txt, export waypoints txt, import type undo command upside-down label user map USGS aerial photo USGS topo map USGS topo map library, add map USGS topo map library, add map USGS topo map, add to library USGS topo map, add to library UTM coordinate format version info for ExpertGPS view camera location on map command view gallery command view in google earth command view in list command view in photo viewer command view menu, get elevation view menu, grid builder view menu, hide elevation profile view menu, line of sight view menu, line of sight view menu, show aerial photo map view menu, show elevation profile view menu, show scanned map view menu, show street map view menu, show topo map view menu, show White Background view menu, view in google earth view menu, view online view on map command view online command view start of track command waypoint waypoint list waypoint list, export waypoints waypoint list, print preview waypoint menu waypoint tool waypoint, add to route waypoint, average (command) waypoint, convert note to waypoint waypoint, convert photo to waypoint waypoint, convert to note waypoint, copy waypoint, create by averaging waypoint, create new at a fixed distance waypoint, cut waypoint, delete waypoint, delete from route waypoint, detach photo waypoint, draw on map waypoint, edit (command) waypoint, export waypoint, hide (command) waypoint, move label location waypoint, new (command) waypoint, paste waypoint, project waypoint, receive waypoints from GPS waypoint, remove from route waypoint, send all to GPS waypoint, set active point waypoint, show only selected (command) waypoint, split route at waypoint waypoint, tab-delimited waypoint, view in google earth waypoint, view in list waypoint, view on map waypoint, view online WGS84 datum White Background Map White Background, show (command) window window menu window menu, cascade window, arrange cascading working with files working with other programs working with other programs, ESRI ArcView working with other programs, Garmin MapSource working with other programs, Google Earth working with other programs, Microsoft Excel working with other programs, NMEA Log Files working with other programs, OpenOffice Calc working with other programs, Spreadsheet world file world file, save xls zoom in command zoom tool
ExpertGPS is mapping and file conversion software for your Garmin GPS
ExpertGPS is mapping and file conversion software for your Magellan GPS
ExpertGPS is mapping and file conversion software for your Lowrance GPS
ExpertGPS works with hundreds of GPS receivers, including all Garmin Drive, nüvi, eTrex, Colorado, Dakota, echoMAP, GPSMAP, Edge, Forerunner, Montana, Oregon, and Rino models, Magellan eXplorist GPS receivers, and Lowrance HDS, Elite, and HOOK GPS chartplotters and fishfinders. Download ExpertGPS
Find your GPS on the ExpertGPS compatibility list.

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