Working with Maps

There are four main types of maps in ExpertGPS: Street Maps, Topo Maps, Aerial Photo Maps, and Scanned Maps. You can view your GPS data on more than one map at the same time, and even view Elevation Profiles and Lists to cross-reference your data.


Showing or Hiding a Map

Commands to show or hide a map are on the Map menu.

Map Tools

ExpertGPS Map Tools

The tools on the Map Tools toolbar let you quickly move around the map, draw on the map, and select and edit items on the map.

Moving the Map

Use the Move Map Tool Move Map tool to grab and drag the map to a new location. Click the Recenter Map Tool Recenter Map tool on the map to recenter the map at that location. You can also move the map using the cursor keys, the keys on the numeric keypad.

Changing the Map Scale (Zooming)

Use the Zoom Tool Zoom tool to zoom in and view the map in more detail. To zoom out, hold down the Alt key. The cursor will change to Zoom Tool - Zoom Out Cursor

You can also zoom in and out by pressing the + and - keys.

To change the map scale to a specific value, use the Zoom to Scale command.

Drawing and Creating New Items

Use the Waypoint Tool Waypoint Tool to create a new waypoint on the map.

Use the Route Tool Route Tool to join waypoints into a route.

Use the Track Tool Track Tool to draw a tracklog on the map.

Use the Shape Tool Shape Tool to draw a shape on the map.

Use the Note Tool Note Tool to add a note to the map.

Selecting and Moving Items on the Map

Use the Select Tool Select tool to select items on the map. Selected items can be moved to a new location using the Move Selected Tool Move Selected tool.


To customize how the map will be printed, click Print Map on the Map menu. To see how a map will look when printed, click the Preview button to open the Print Preview window.

ExpertGPS is mapping and file conversion software for your Garmin GPS
ExpertGPS is mapping and file conversion software for your Magellan GPS
ExpertGPS is mapping and file conversion software for your Lowrance GPS
ExpertGPS works with hundreds of GPS receivers, including all Garmin Drive, nüvi, eTrex, Colorado, Dakota, echoMAP, GPSMAP, Edge, Forerunner, Montana, Oregon, and Rino models, Magellan eXplorist GPS receivers, and Lowrance HDS, Elite, and HOOK GPS chartplotters and fishfinders. Download ExpertGPS
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