Working with Favorites (Saved Locations)

The Favorites feature in ExpertGPS allows you to bookmark frequently-used waypoints and places on the map, and return to them quickly. You might add your home or office location to the Favorites list, as well as job sites or trailheads you frequently visit. You can then select a Favorite location from the list at the bottom of the Go menu, and ExpertGPS will instantly recenter the map on that location. Unlike waypoints, which only appear in the GPX file in which you created them, Favorites can be accessed at any time, no matter what file you are working with.

To add a waypoint, note, or photo to the Favorites list, select it in the list or on the map, right-click, and click Add to Favorites. You can also right-click directly on the map to create a Favorite location without creating a waypoint first.

To recenter the map on an item in the Favorites list, click on the Go menu, point to Favorites, and select name of the saved location. ExpertGPS will recenter the map on that location.

To remove favorites from the list, click Organize Favorites on the Go menu, which will open the Organize Favorites dialog.

To quickly remove a favorite from the list, without opening the dialog, hold Shift while clicking the name of the saved location in the Favorites list on the Go menu. This is an ideal way to manage site-specific locations that you may only need until your current project is complete.

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