Scissors Tool

The Scissors Tool breaks routes, tracks, or shapes into two parts.

To select the Scissors Tool, do the following:

  1. View a map
  2. Then, do one of the following:
    • On the Map menu, point to Select Map Tool, and click Scissors Tool.
    • Press C.
    • Click the Scissors ToolScissors Tool button on the Map toolbar.
  3. The cursor will change to Scissors Tool cursor

Quick Reference

Action Result
Click on a route, track, or shape Break the item into two parts
Click on a track or shape Selection Break into two parts, deleting the Selection
Hold down the Shift key and click Delete the route, track, or shape

Hold down the Ctrl key Quickly switch to the Select Tool
Right-click Show the Shortcut Menu

Breaking a route, track, or shape into two parts

To break an item into two parts, click it.

Breaking a track or shape into two parts by removing the Selection

To break an item into two parts and discard the Selection, do the following

  1. Using the Select Tool, create a track or shape Selection.
  2. Select the Scissors Tool.
  3. Click the Selection.

Deleting items on the map

To delete an item, do the following

  1. Hold down the Shift key.
  2. Click the item to delete.

Quickly switching to the Select Tool

To switch to the Select Tool, hold down the Ctrl key.

Showing the Shortcut Menu

To show the Shortcut Menu, right-click on the map.

If an item is selected on the map, the Shortcut Menu for that item will be shown. If nothing is selected, the Map Shortcut Menu will be shown.

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