Geocache Menu

The Geocache menu contains commands to view, edit, and find geocaches, geocache logs, and travel bugs.

Import Geocaches and Pocket Queries...
Import geocaches and pocket queries from into your master geocaching file.
Show Geocache List
Show a list of all of geocaches in the file.
Show Geocache Log List
Show all of the logs for all of the geocaches in the file.
Show Travel Bug List
Show all of the travel bugs currently available at the geocaches in the file.
View Geocache Web Page
View the details of this geocache in the built-in Web browser.
Log Your Geocache Find
Report the details of your visit to this geocache.
Add Geocache to To-Do List
Put this geocache on your list of caches to hunt for on your next geocaching adventure.
Edit Geocache Notes
Enter notes to yourself about this geocache, or how you will solve the puzzle.
Rate This Geocache
Assign a rating from 1 to 9 to this geocache.
Ignore Geocache
Instruct ExpertGPS to delete this geocache from any geocache file you open in the future.
Decrypt Hint
Peek at the hint for this geocache, or decrypt a geocache log.
This is a Puzzle Cache
Let ExpertGPS know that the cache container isn't at the posted coordinates.
I Solved It!
Enter the actual coordinates for the puzzle cache container.
View Online
View the geocache page at
View Gallery
View the gallery of images for this geocache at
View This Geocacher's Profile
View the profile page for this geocacher at
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