Note List

Note List

The Note List displays a list of all of the notes in the file.

Showing the Note List

To show the Note List, do one the following:

  • On the List menu, click Show Note List.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+N.
  • Select Notes in the List Selector at the top of the current list pane.

Selecting Notes

Click on a note in the list to select it. To select a range of notes, click on the starting note, hold down the Shift key, and click on the ending note. Hold down the Ctrl key to add additional notes to the selection.


To sort the notes, click on a column header above the list. To reverse the sort order, click the same column header a second time.

Adding and Removing Columns

To add or remove columns from the Note List, right-click the column header, or click Select Columns on the List menu.

Changing the Width of Columns

To change the width of a column, drag the separator to the right of the column in the column header.


To see how the Note List will look when printed, click Print Preview on the File menu. You may need to change the width of some columns or remove columns to make your notes fit correctly on the printed page.

Exporting Notes to Other Programs

To export all of the notes in the Note List, click Export on the File menu.

To export just the selected notes, right-click and click Export Notes.

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