File Information Dialog

File Information Dialog

The File Information dialog contains overview information about the GPX file, its author, and permitted uses.

File Name
Enter a title for the GPX file's contents.
Enter a description of the information contained in the GPX file.
Enter a comma-separated list of words or phrases which best describe the contents of the file. Enter keywords that identify the location and the types of activities available there.
Links and Photos
Add, edit, or view Web pages or files related to the file by clicking on the Links buttons.


Enter information about the company or person who produced the GPX file.

The author of the GPX file.
Contact information for the author. The email address is stored in two parts in the GPX file, to reduce the risk of email address harvesting by spammers.
Site Name
The name of the author's personal or company Web site.
Site URL
A link to the author's Web site.


Information about how the GPX file may be used, modified, and redistributed by others.

The copyright holder and licensor of the GPX file.
The year in which the file was created.
License URL
A link to a licensing agreement explaining the conditions under which the GPX file may be used, modified, or redistributed.
Override global map style settings
Each ExpertGPS user creates their own map style by defining Types in the Waypoint, Route, and Track editors. As a result, a GPX file created on your computer may look different when opened on a friend's computer. If it is critical that your map be displayed the same way on all computers, check Override global map style settings.
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