Tracking your real-time position on a moving map display

Bob R. writes:
I have the trial version of your software. What I want to do is:
1. Create maps with downloaded images from Google Earth-for 1/4 of the state of Iowa (Approx 100 miles square.
2. Use the laptop in an airplane with a GPS connected.
3. Have Expert GPS show me where I am right now with an Icon, etc overlaid on the Google Earth images.
I am doing this on a MacBook Pro running Boot Camp and Windows XP Pro. The software and hardware recognizes the GPS (Garmin 396 Aviation version)
I am not sure whether your software is targeted at creating maps and images or at actually tracking position and path in real time.

ExpertGPS will be able to handle this. The Tracking feature in ExpertGPS turns your MacBook Pro (or any other laptop) into a huge moving-map display, so you can track your progress across Iowa.

The Retrieve Maps tool in ExpertGPS will let you download all of the topo maps and aerial photos for Iowa and preload them on your hard drive, so they are instantly available when you’re flying or driving around without an Internet connection. I’ve written a tutorial about downloading and preloading maps to your hard drive using ExpertGPS, which explains exactly how to do this.

Once you’ve got your maps preloaded, you can disconnect your Internet connection and use the Tracking feature to plot your position, current heading, speed, and distance to your destination.