Mapping Lowrance GPS Fishing Waypoints in Google Earth

Brian H. asks:
quoteHow do I add Lowrance gps way point numbers( like 34.06.182 / 81.23.465 and convert to get into google earth pro for fishing way points?quote

Your data is in latitude and longitude, degrees and decimal minutes. That first dot (after 34 in 34.06.182) should actually be a degrees symbol, or a space. So the latitude is 34 degrees, and 6.182 minutes North latitude. The longitude is 81 degrees, 23.465 minutes West longitude. (In the US, we’re in Western Hemisphere, and you’ll often see the longitude written with a negative sign: -81 23.465′)

Read my tutorial on adding a new coordinate format to ExpertGPS for instructions on how to add lat/lon deg min.min coordinates. You’ll need to know whether your data is in WGS84 datum, or NAD27.

Viewing your Fishing Waypoints in Google Earth

Once you’ve entered your waypoints, you can press F7, the View in Google Earth command, to map your GPS fishing waypoints on Google Earth‘s color aerial photos. And when you press Send to GPS in ExpertGPS, your waypoints will be transferred directly to your Lowrance chartplotter or GPS receiver.