How to transfer waypoints and tracks to a new GPS?

Nicole asks:
quoteI’m trying to take info off one gps and put it on another. How do I do that?quote

Transfer GPS data from one GPS to another with ExpertGPS

Because ExpertGPS supports GPS backup and transfer for almost 500 different GPS receivers from Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance, Eagle, and Brunton, you can use ExpertGPS to transfer your GPS data from an older GPS to a newly-purchased GPS. Start by clicking Preferences on the Edit menu, and switch to the My GPS Receivers tab.

Click the Add GPS button, and select your old GPS receiver. ExpertGPS can connect to your GPS over a serial cable, USB cable, or by reading data off a memory card, depending on how your old GPS was designed.

Once you’ve added your GPS to ExpertGPS, and connected it to your computer (or inserted its memory card), click Receive from GPS on the GPS menu. ExpertGPS will retrieve all of the waypoints, routes, and tracks from your GPS and display them over a map. Click Save on the File menu, so that you have a backup copy of your GPS data.

Adding your New GPS Receiver

Click Edit, Preferences, My GPS Receivers again, and now add your new GPS receiver. You can add as many GPS receivers as you own to the list in My GPS Receivers, and ExpertGPS will let you switch between them when you Send or Receive GPS data to and from your computer.

If you are tranferring GPS waypoints between GPS receivers from two different manufacturers, you should edit your waypoints in ExpertGPS to change the waypoint symbols (icons) to match the ones available on your new GPS. Just select a waypoint, click Edit on the Edit menu, and choose a new waypoint symbol from the list displayed.

Once you’ve made changes to your data, click Send to GPS, and make sure your new GPS receiver is shown as the GPS to which data will be sent. Click OK, and ExpertGPS will transfer your GPS waypoints and tracks to your new GPS.

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