How to Safely Backup Your GPS Data

You rely on your GPS to get you places, and you've got a lot of valuable data stored on your GPS receiver: client locations, favorite destinations, and routes that you commonly follow. Don't take chances with your GPS data - backup your GPS frequently using ExpertGPS. It only takes a few seconds (click Receive from GPS, then Save) and you'll feel more secure with all of your waypoints, routes, and tracklogs safely saved on your computer.

Best of all, when you backup your GPS with ExpertGPS, you've got a powerful tool that will let you get the most out of your GPS receiver. You're no longer limited to just viewing your GPS waypoints and tracklogs on the tiny screen of your GPS - you can view them over topo maps, aerial photos, and even view them in Google Earth. ExpertGPS makes it easy to create new waypoints and addresses on your GPS (it's WAY faster than trying to enter data using the buttons on your GPS receiver).

Once you've backed up your GPS data in ExpertGPS, you can delete old waypoints or tracks that you no longer need, or clear the entire memory on your GPS receiver to free up space for your next trip. Many ExpertGPS users clear their GPS memory every time they get back from a trip, using the waypoint management features in ExpertGPS to keep all of their GPS data organized and at the ready.

Download a free trial of ExpertGPS, and backup your GPS data now. Then, learn 7 more ways ExpertGPS can help you get the most out of your GPS.

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