How to Convert Garmin MapSource GDB to ESRI SHP

Drew asks:
quoteWill your software convert from Garmin Mapsource GDB to ESRI SHP? I have a file with multiple routes in one GDB file and I need to convert them all at one time to a shapefile line dataset. This is not a ESRI geodatabase (GDB).quote

Convert Garmin GDB to ESRI SHP with ExpertGPS Pro

Yes, ExpertGPS Pro can easily combine your Garmin MapSource GDB databases, and convert them to a single ESRI shapefile. Import the GDB files into ExpertGPS Pro by clicking Import on the File menu, and selecting the GDB files. Now select the coordinate format and datum used in ArcView. Now click Export on the File menu, and change the file type to ESRI Shapefile (.shp). ExpertGPS Pro will convert your GDB data to a shapefile in the coordinate format and datum you selected. ExpertGPS Pro can reproject your Garmin data to UTM, US State Plane Coordinates, lat/lon, or pretty much any geographic projection used in the world today.