ExpertGPS Update Assurance - Free Updates, Priority Support, High-Resolution Maps, and Premium Features

ExpertGPS Update Assurance provides 12 months of access to new program updates, including bug fixes, minor revisions, and major new feature releases. Your initial ExpertGPS purchase includes 12 months of Update Assurance, and you have the option to renew each year. To access new program releases and new features, simply click Check for New Version on the Help menu in ExpertGPS to install the latest update.

Premium Map Access

Several premium features in ExpertGPS are reserved for users with a current Update Assurance contract. Many of the map and data providers that you have access to through ExpertGPS are commercial services which charge for every map tile, address geocode, or elevation lookup that ExpertGPS requests on your behalf. Your Update Assurance contract gives you access to the high-resolution scanned USGS topo map set from's high-speed map servers, as well as high-resolution aerial photos and street maps. You also get unlimited geocoding when using the Go to Address command. Update Assurance customers get seamless NOAA nautical charts for US coastal waters, and can configure five additional custom map providers in addition to the four default maps (street, aerial, topo, nautical) included in ExpertGPS. Other features, like the Get Elevation command, will only be available to ExpertGPS customers with a current Update Assurance contract.

Support for New GPS Receivers and Map Servers

Dozens of new GPS receivers are released each year, and support for the most popular new models is added to ExpertGPS. Update Assurance allows you to download new ExpertGPS releases that support the latest GPS hardware available on the market.

ExpertGPS is constantly evolving to bring you access to the best topo and street maps and aerial imagery available. As new map servers appear and older ones are retired, ExpertGPS Update Assurance allows you to access the newest map options.

Priority Technical Support

To receive the fastest answers to your questions about ExpertGPS, click Get Support for ExpertGPS on the Help menu in ExpertGPS. Use the Web form at the bottom to submit requests for priority support. Dan Foster, author of ExpertGPS, answers priority support requests directly.

Renewing your Update Assurance contract

Your initial ExpertGPS purchase comes with 12 months of Update Assurance. Renewing your Update Assurance contract after the first year is optional. To check on the end date of your contract, or to renew it, click Get Support for ExpertGPS on the Help menu. You can renew before your current contract expires - 12 months will be added onto your existing expiration date.

Expired Contracts

If you choose to let your Update Assurance contract lapse, you will no longer be able to access new program updates, receive technical support, or access certain program features that require an active Update Assurance contract (like Go to Address, NOAA Charts, and higher-resolution maps). Do not install new ExpertGPS updates (including the demo version) or you will need to purchase a new ExpertGPS license.

If your Update Assurance contract has expired, click Get Support for ExpertGPS on the Help menu to renew, or contact ExpertGPS support for renewal instructions.

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