FAQ: ExpertGPS Orders, Upgrades, and Refunds

License Codes and Receipts for Recent Orders

If you have recently placed an order but didn't receive your registration code, or need a receipt, retrieve your ExpertGPS registration code.

Transferring Your License to a New Computer

Your ExpertGPS license allows you to install ExpertGPS on multiple computers for *your* use. You can install ExpertGPS on a workstation and your field laptop, for example. If others will be using ExpertGPS on these computers, you can order additional user licenses at https://www.expertgps.com/purchase.asp.

To install ExpertGPS on a second computer, or to move ExpertGPS from a computer you are replacing to a new computer, follow these instructions:

1. Locate your ExpertGPS license email. If you need a copy of your license emailed to you, visit https://www.expertgps.com/lostregcode.asp

2. Install the latest version of ExpertGPS on your new computer: https://www.expertgps.com/download/SetupExpertGPS.exe

3. Run ExpertGPS, and click Enter Registration Code on the Help menu. Enter your license information, and restart ExpertGPS.

If you have ExpertGPS settings on your old computer that you'd like to bring forward, you can transfer your settings files by following these instructions: https://www.expertgps.com/transfer-settings.asp

You can also transfer your downloaded map tiles: https://www.expertgps.com/tutorials/how-to-copy-expertgps-maps-to-your-laptop.asp


If you would like to upgrade ExpertGPS Home to ExpertGPS Pro, you can purchase an upgrade to ExpertGPS Pro by clicking Get Support for ExpertGPS on the Help menu in your registered copy of ExpertGPS Home.


To renew your ExpertGPS Annual Support contract, click Get Support for ExpertGPS on the Help menu of your registered copy of ExpertGPS. You can renew before your current contract expires - your expiration date will be extended an additional 12 months. When you renew, you will immediately receive a new registration code for ExpertGPS, which must be entered on the Help menu to activate your renewed contract.

Duplicate Orders

If you have mistakenly ordered ExpertGPS twice, please contact support with the details and we will refund the second order.


If you are not happy with ExpertGPS within the first 30 days of purchase, we will happily refund your purchase. Please contact tech support to start the process, and include the date and details of your order, along with the reason you are requesting a refund. If we can't resolve the issue to your satisfaction, we will refund your credit card or PayPal order. Refunds will appear on your credit card statement within 5-7 working days.

As per our guarantee, if ExpertGPS doesn't pay for itself within 14 days, we will gladly refund your money, and you can keep the software! We do not ask you to destroy your license key at the time you request a refund, and you are free to keep using the existing version of software that you have installed on your computer. However, once your refund is processed, we can no longer provide software updates, technical support, replacement license keys, access to premium features, or any other assistance.


Occasionally, customers request a chargeback rather than contacting support for a refund or support question. Once you initiate a chargeback, the matter is out of our hands and the decision and process is dictated by your credit card company. This process can take several months, after which your credit card company will issue a decision. To prevent fraud, we deactivate licenses upon notification of a chargeback.

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