Waypoints missing after sending GIS shape files to my Garmin GPS?

Marie C. asks:
quoteI’m having trouble viewing GIS shape files that I had imported into ExpertGPS. I clicked send to GPS and the transfer was said to be made successfully. But, now I can’t figure out how this will be viewed on the etrex. Also, I have many way points for all different projects. This is getting a bit confusing when the locations are overlapping. Is there a way, once I’m able to view them, to put the way points in a named file on ExpertGPS>quote

I’m often asked by Garmin GPS users, “what happened to the waypoints I just sent to my GPS?” The answer is, it’s on your GPS, but Garmin’s default user interface settings make it difficult to find. The short answer is that your Garmin displays the nearest 15 waypoints on the Find Waypoints screen, and that’s why it appears your data isn’t in that list. Here’s an article I wrote explaining how to get your points to show up on your Garmin GPS.

To keep your GPS from getting cluttered with data from several projects, I always recommend using ExpertGPS Pro to back up your GPS data after each project. Once your data is backed up on your computer, you can then clear the GPS memory using the Reset command on the GPS, usually found on the Trip Odometer page (check your manual). This means you’re starting every project with an empty GPS, maximizing the space you have to display GIS data and collect new waypoints and tracks in the field.

Of course, if there are common waypoints you refer to on every job, you can keep these in a seperate file in ExpertGPS, and send them to your GPS after you clear the waypoints and tracklogs from the GPS memory.