How can I update landmarks (waypoints) on my Magellan GPS?

Brian G. asks:
quoteI have a Magellan GPS315. I have successfully imported landmarks to EGPS but after I edit the name of one landmark, then try to send it to my GPS, my GPS does not show the change. No error is given. Just no change after I have changed it. Please advise if it is possible for me to send data back to my GPS.quote

The Magellan data transfer protocol doesn’t offer a way to update the name of a waypoint or landmark. Instead, you can use this workflow:

1. Retrieve all of the data from your Magellan. Save it using ExpertGPS, so you have a backup copy.

2. Edit your waypoint data in ExpertGPS, changing names, symbols, and adding descriptions.

3. Use the Delete GPS Waypoints command on the GPS menu to clear all of the waypoints in your Magellan GPS.

4. Click Send to GPS to send the updated data back to your GPS receiver.