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Calculating farm field acreage from GPS waypoints

Trace your fields, or use your GPS to instantly calculate field area

ExpertGPS calculates field acreage down to the square foot. Instantly. Without any calculations or complicated math on your part. Just click and draw. Or upload waypoints or track logs from your GPS.
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and follow these simple step-by-step instructions below.

SH asks:
quoteI have 174 waypoints coordinates and I would like to calculate the area of the farmland based on those coordinates. How do I do that using GPS Expert?quote

Calculating Area of a Farm Field Marked with GPS Waypoints

Click Receive from GPS on the GPS menu in ExpertGPS. All of your GPS waypoints will be shown on the map. Use the Route Tool to connect the waypoints marking the corners of your field.

Show the Area of your Field

Calculate the acreage of any agricultural field or parcel with ExpertGPS

On the List menu in ExpertGPS, click Show Route List. Then click Select List Columns. Add the Area column. ExpertGPS displays the area of all of your fields.

Converting between Acres, Square Feet, and Hectares

Convert GPS area between acres, square feet, square meters, hectares with ExpertGPS

To convert the area calculated by ExpertGPS between acres, square feet, hectares, or another unit, click Preferences on the Edit menu, and click on the Units tab.

Download ExpertGPS, and Calculate the Area of your Fields Now!

Download the free ExpertGPS demo and follow these simple step-by-step instructions to calculate the acreage of your land and fields.