How to Transfer GPS Data to and from an Excel Spreadsheet

Jordan Z. asks:
quoteThe description says that Excel data can be uploaded to a GPS. Does that go the other way too? I’m mostly interested in buying a GPS and being able to export waypoints to my computer for use in Excel.quote

Convert and upload GPS data to Excel and back again with ExpertGPS map software

Yes, ExpertGPS allows you to transfer data both ways between your GPS receiver and Excel. You can download waypoints and trackpoints from your Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS receiver, copy them from ExpertGPS, and paste them directly into Excel. And, you can go the other way, taking data from any Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, and uploading it to your GPS receiver with ExpertGPS.

I’ve covered the topic of Converting GPS data to and from CSV and Microsoft Excel several times, and shown how to use ExpertGPS to convert and map nearly any sort of delimited or tabular data using ExpertGPS.