Backing up your GPS Favorites

Pat S. asks:
quoteI was referred to your site by Garmin. I have a C330 and want to upload my Favorites to a computer file and be able to download back to the GPS after doing a map update. I do not need to upload any maps or other data. Can I do the Favorites only and at what cost?quote

ExpertGPS Home (see price listed in the upper right of this Web page) makes it easy to back up your GPS data when you’re going to be updating your Garmin GPS firmware, installing new map updates, or as part of your regular GPS data backups.

To back up your GPS, simply click Receive from GPS on the GPS menu in ExpertGPS. ExpertGPS will download all of the waypoints (called Favorites or POIs on some GPS receivers), and if you want, your GPS routes and tracks as well. Click Save to back up this data in a GPX file on your computer.

You can now update your GPS firmware, upload a new GPS basemap, or erase the contents of your GPS memory to make room for new data. ExpertGPS Home makes a great tool for creating new Favorites, or adding new waypoints (you can draw right on the maps in ExpertGPS).

If you ever need to restore your backed-up GPS data, simply open the GPX file containing your backup, and click Send to GPS.