10 Time-Saving Mapping Shortcuts I Can't Live Without

ExpertGPS author Dan Foster writes:
quoteHere are 10 mapping shortcuts that will save you lots of time when working with maps and GPS data in ExpertGPS. I use these shortcut keys and tricks dozens of times a day to save time when viewing and editing my GPS data, and I guarantee you’ll be more productive once you know them.quote

1. Every map tool can be selected with a keystroke. Press W to activate the Waypoint tool. Press M to move (pan) the map. Press S to select items on the map.

2. Scroll the map with the numeric keypad (numpad). Press any of the number keys (1-9) on the right side of your keyboard to view the map in that direction. To view the map to the North, press 8. To view the map to the Northeast, press 9. The 5 key (in the middle) takes you back to the Active Point, if you’ve set one on the map.

3. Zoom the map in and out with + and -.

4. Zoom the map in and out with the scroll wheel on top of your mouse.

5. Make text bigger or smaller (or hide it completely) with [ and ]. I use this constantly to de-clutter the screen. Just press the [ key a few times until all of the text disappears. Use ] to bring it back.

6. Add or remove UTM grid lines with < and >. ExpertGPS chooses the most natural interval between grid lines on the map, but you can add more or remove them completely using these keys.

7. F7 – View in Google Earth. The View in Google Earth command brings up Google Earth’s detailed worldwide imagery, perfectly synced to the map and data you’re viewing in ExpertGPS.

8. Toggle between Topo Map and Aerial Photo with T and A. I toggle between these two map views constantly, and a single keystroke is all it takes. You can also toggle to Quick Map (Q), Urban Color Imagery (U) and your own Scanned Maps (P).

9. Quickly batch edit your data using F2. Need to change the name of a waypoint? Simply select the waypoint in the Waypoint List by clicking on it with the mouse over the Name column, and press F2 (that’s Function Key 2). You can even batch edit multiple waypoints by selecting a bunch of them and using F2 editing.

10. Deselect everything on the map with Esc. Press Esc to clear the map selection, or to finish drawing a route, track, or shape without the Edit dialog appearing.

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One Response to 10 Time-Saving Mapping Shortcuts I Can't Live Without

  1. Fred Wales says:

    Of your 10 shortcuts you cannot live without, I previously knew about 4, 7, and 10. The others are new to me and it seems they certainly will make things easier. Thank you.

    Is there a way to rotate labels and notes so they can be made to fit in tight areas or align with a particular property line or other feature?

    ExpertGPS has been serving me better than I ever expected it would. It is the most dependable program that I ever purchased. Using it with Windows Vista Premium Home Edition x64 has been fairly smooth compared to some of my other programs, but I do have to constantly shift to running it as administrator to get it to download map tiles and then reopen it as a user to get it to print. The strange thing is that I am both the administrator and the only user.

    Keep up the good work.

    Fred Wales

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