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Read what ExpertGPS users are saying about how ExpertGPS Pro saves them time and money in their jobs, and how they use ExpertGPS Home to plan and map their outdoor adventures. Then, download your free trial of ExpertGPS and discover the power of ExpertGPS for yourself.

ExpertGPS makes my Garmin eTrex much more usable. I can download named waypoints before my hike and then upload tracks and see them on the map after the hike.

M. Carpenter

ExpertGPS is the only easy to use software package that allows me to convert GoogleEarth kml files to NAD shp files. Looked everywhere for something simple and reasonably priced. This was the only application that fit the bill.

John Harris

I use ExpertGPS for mapping land use in the vicinity of a major gas project in Papua New Guinea.

It is used in conjunction with MapInfo and ArcView.

I could not do without the ability to geo-reference map images and to plot GPS tracks and points onto the images.

I am using a Garmin 60Csx and uploading and downloading worked perfectly.

B. Allen

It's proving extremely useful for facilitating the monitoring, enforcement, and assessment of conservation properties. We use it for converting between gpx, kmz, and shp formats using data from gps and geotagged photos. It allows us to geotag photos and conversely create waypoints from geotagged photos. All of this lets us get data to field personnel, manage data from the field and other sources, and archive photos and field observations.

I can remember when we didn't have expertgps, and the work goes better now. We could hardly live without being able to freely convert between the formats listed above and work with photos.

Catherin C.

My main reason for using ExpertGPS Home is it lets me easily geolocate photos I take while hiking.

I also use it to plan routes for future trips, and to clean up unneeded portions of backpacking tracks before storing in my reference library.

As far as other essential features: I couldn't do without the ability to quickly switch back and forth between satellite views and accurate topo views.

J. Bengtson

ExpertGPS allows me to scan and use old maps to trace the development of my town and some of the surrounding area.

G. Darling | Town Historian for Bainbridge, NY

I use a Garmin GPS in archaeology. I transfer the data to ExpertGPS and proof it on aerials or topos provided by the software. Then I export the drawings to CADD and edit the data to make it presentable.

ExpertGPS really works for me on a tight budget.

George A.

I have a Garmin MAPGPS 78s and ExpertGPS has enabled me to download a section of the Mount Washington topographic sectional to my 78s.

O. Ames

I use this program for sharing and utilizing shape files from government agencies. When a project requires boundaries for the work areas, I receive .shp files from the agencies I work with and then I can view, manipulate and export to Google or my gps so the agencies don't even have to mark the boundaries. Each machine has a gps in it and is able to use the data provided by the program. Also, I can load to Google Maps and see the data on my Droid phone automatically

M. Monahan

I manage a large amount of waypoints and tracks. ExpertGPS is the most user friendly software, with the largest number of different systems I know. The ease of loading points to a GPS and downloading them is phenomenal.

W. Anthonissen

ExpertGPS Pro will be used primarily for viewing the delineation of vegetation communities which are digitised by a drafting company and returned to us as shapefiles. Other uses will include the viewing and uploading of alignments, tenements and proposed boundaries supplied to us by clients.

The program was impressive while in the trial period. This copy will be used to further trial the software, with the ultimate goal of buying many more licenses.

C. Blackburn

ExpertGPS was used to compute distances between blasting operations and monitoring locations when working on job site where the project coordinate systems use NAD27 and we need WGS 84 coordinates. This was extremely useful for us when maneuvering a monitoring vessel on the Columbia River when battling fast currents and tide changes during critical underwater blasting operations.

C. Martin

We're using GPS coordinates to plot illegal structures at a mining lease in PNG. Being able to upload the waypoints and coordinates directly to a document rather than manually collate saves heaps of time. Also the ability to plot coordinates directly to a map allows me to check accuracy of data collected in real time.

Bruce Gray

We have successfully installed and used the Expert GPS on a rugged tablet running Windows 7 Pro. Among other things we perform hydrographic surveys on rivers, obtaining bathymetry with SONAR. We carry the tablet with Expert GPS on a cataraft and other boats (depending on the river) to plan survey lines, track our surveys in real time, and have a background aerial photo available for reference.

Rob H.

I use my GPS mountain biking two different ways. One way is view a map of a trail I had ridden. Another way is to plan a ride from aerial photos and maps and then load the planned route into the GPS to help find the trail while riding. Also can share gpx files with friends to share favorite trails. Thanks for supporting older GPS units like my Foretrex 201!

Jim N.

I am a land surveyor and I use ExpertGPS Pro to convert my dxf drawings to kml so I can graphically see what jobs or surveys I have done in any particular area. I also import the map data into my cad drawings for a background map.

Wes Hand

I am using a Garmin 62S hand held to map a series of drilling tracks at our mine in Zambia. I will use ExpertGPS to save the tracks in a format that can be imported into Arcview and used to plan additional drill holes.

P. Greenhill

We apply a fertilizer material for local farms and ranches and we charge them by the acre. This program allows us to outline the field and determine the acreage that should be charged.

Ben Davis

I am a Land Surveyor and I offer several services to clients. The work I do incorporates data from GIS, State Plane Coords, aerials, maps, forestry applications, using terrestrial methods as well as hand-held and survey-grade GPS for data-gathering. I think this software will provide a handy tool to simplify a few conversion requirements which until this point have proved to be rather cumbersome and time consuming.

David G.

I work in the oilfield of South Texas and drive many miles off road. I need to keep up with mileage and many waypoints, drillsite locations, pipeline locations etc.

It is nice to have an easy, quick import/export of gpx and other file formats.

Randy S.

I have 3 rural properties that I want to document using my Garmin GPS. They are in two different states. This package allows me to transfer the pin locations to various maps and photgraphs of the areas. It also helps me locate the unmarked corners.

Eric K.

I use it to put in new GPS coordinates for fishing in the Gulf. ExpertGPS will be the library of all my personal GPS fishing locations.

T. Ellis

well what i'm gonna be doin' here is I 'm gonna be downloadin' them there waypoints an then umm, I'm gonna plot them points but i gotta do it on a daily type a thing so, anyway thats it fer now .....byseee! and that solves that dude heh-heh......yeahhhh!

"Bob Knarly"

I recieve data from my surveyor, work with it on ExpertGPS, then show results on Google Earth.

ExpertGPS converts GPS data to any file format that I may need, and it calculates acres and distance.

B. Parker

ExpertGPS Pro allows me to use my Garmin Montana 650t with Autocad Civil 3d and helps with the conversion of coordinates between LAT/LON & STATE PLANES in Louisiana.

James Reed

I use ExpertGPS to plan wilderness trips. When I return from these trips and other I use it to help me post my photographs on interactive Google maps for my friends to view.

K. Jackson

I like the "simplifying" feature of removing trackpoints in a track/route. My Garmin GPS will not load a track or route that has too many trackpoints, so this helps me create "simpler" routes.

Tony M.

ExpertGPS allows detailed editing of waypoints and tracks, unlike most other stuff out there that allows only simplified high-level editing (if anything at all). I need to walk around my rural land, identify points of interest and then produce a nice cleaned-up map of my place, and plan out trails to cut.

C. Wells

I'm very computer savvy but GPS ignorant. I just bought 2 Garmin Rino 650's and your demo software made Geocaches, waypoints and maps very EASY to find, upload, download and let me learn and play with the "concepts" of each on the GPS. I don't have a lot of time to learn new toys and this software have been an immense help!

John H.

I take people out Jeeping in Colorado and Utah. I've been using ExpertGPS for 10 years! I recommend it all the time and it's all I use. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Monica Israels |

I use ExpertGPS Pro for exchanging information to and from handheld gps units in a way I can understand how to do. I'm a geologist and not a GIS person and run too small a shop to have a full time GIS person. Your product has given me a tremendous sense of stress relief.

Gustav W.

I use ExpertGPS for ranch management. This includes pasture irrigation calculations, access road management, fence line mapping for maintenance schedules, and pipe line calculations.

L. Hill

I am a land surveyor and ExpertGPS is one of the handiest software programs I have ever used. I have been using it since 2000. When my computer crashed, it was the first thing I thought about reinstalling.

Evan Black

ExpertGPS allows me to convert GPS tracks to CAD format. Allows editing of breaks an extraneous point in GPS tracks. Gives me quick review of GPS tracks on USGS topos and allows downloading idealized routes from CAD to GPS.

William W.

I am not a GIS expert, just a biologist who needs to manage my gps points and the data associated with them easily and efficiently. I often produce reports on the attributes my points represent and I think ExpertGPS is the best tool for me.

Mark D.

We take waypoints between two cell phone towers out in the field and then use Expert GPS to convert that data into a spreadsheet with LAT/LONG, distances between waypoints, and the elevations of the waypoints.

Joey B.

I use the ExpertGPS program for everything I do out on the railraod tracks. Everything from plotting where culverts are to locations of rail joints. Also use it to plot and mark ballast dumps and mud areas.

Paul F. | Alaska Railroad

Plotting GPS data and maps from hikes, map & compass courses associated with Scout activities.

K. Jackson

I will use ExpertGPS for tracking rocket flights. I fly GPS in my high-power rockets which is sent directly to my computer via telemetry. By loading a local map I can follow the flight in real-time.

Alan A.

I am from Germany and use ExpertGPS to plan our hiking vacations in the Southwest of the USA.

I create waypoints and routes with the photo and the topo maps.

ExpertGPS is the best program for these things.

H. Meiswinkel

I am a consultant to several companies that design pipeline routes throughout the USA. I use expert GPS as a preliminary scouting tool to locate routes.

D. Rose

It helps me build geocaching puzzles and to see mile radius markers around waypoints. ExpertGPS is very helpful to see large scale waypoint layouts.

Ethan R.

I map and execute motorcycle races in the Nevada desert and use the files created from my gps in your software to create maps for the BLM.

Robert H.

We map for fertilizer applications. Makes better use of resources and saves time and money.

Jason T.

ExpertGPS Pro serves as a key component in the preparation of precision maps for use in timber evaluations, logging, and other forestry and land management efforts.

J. Cheney

I mark locations in Google Earth, export the locations, import into ExpertGPS, then export to my Garmin 196 aviation GPS so I can fly to that location.

J. Fleming

We use ExpertGPS Pro to convert GPS waypoints and tracks, quickly and easily, to shapefiles compatible with ArcGIS!

Jenni G.

I ride snowmobiles and dual-sport motorcycles and this works great for creating tracks to follow through the maze of forest roads.

Eric C.

It is very eassy and fast to transfer data from my GPS, to ExperGPS and to AutoCAD and any editor. The availability of a satelite photo as background info is super.

David P.

I use ExpertGPS for measuring crop field and timberland tract sizes.

Thomas S.

I will be using ExpertGPS to validate truck routes and for locating and creating cruise plot and corner locations on timberland property.

C. Campbell

We use ExpertGPS for converting GPX files from a handheld GPS into DXF files for use in Mapinfo.

D. MacDonnell

I will use ExpertGPS to download topo maps to overlay my tracks from hikes, mountain bike trips and site surveys.

S. Bishop

ExpertGPS allows me to open dxf files from our autocad files and convert them to gpx and other formats for use on gps units.

Tony C.

I'm going to use ExpertGPS for mapping my crop land for reporting my acres to FSA and federal crop insurance.

D. Kluge

I will be using ExpertGPS to import USGS and historical maps to help identify the original routes of the Trail of Tears through my county. Hopefully, the software's calibrate tool, coupled with layers of these early maps and current road information will help us identify these routes in a modern way with a great degree of accuracy.

Other off the shelf software packages I have been using just don't offer this level of flexibility.

J. Stanton

We are managing our hunting camp with ExpertGPS and need to find acreages of stands and map roads and hunting stands.

J. Kaiser

It's a kick-ass tool that allows efficient data transfer to and from all kinds of GPS's and it's my go-between, between GIS and GPS. I use it at work for precious metals geologic exploration and I recommend Expert GPS to all Geos I work with. Thanks!

Chris B.

ExpertGPS is mapping and file conversion software for your Garmin GPS
ExpertGPS is mapping and file conversion software for your Magellan GPS
ExpertGPS is mapping and file conversion software for your Lowrance GPS
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