Shortcut Menus in ExpertGPS: Right-click to get a popup "context" menu.

Right-clicking in ExpertGPS is the quickest way to see all of the actions you can take with the currently-selected items on the map or in the list. When you right-click on a waypoint, a track, a group of waypoints, a blank spot on the map, or a cell in the list view, a Shortcut Menu will appear, with all of the available actions. If your keyboard has a Menu Use the Menu key on your keyboard to access the Shortcut Menu key, it will also pop-up the Shortcut Menu.

The Shortcut Menu is sometimes called a Popup Menu or Context Menu, because the menu items that appear change based on the context of what and where you've clicked. Here are some of the contexts where you can use the Shortcut Menu:

Right-clicking a single selected object

Right-clicking a single selected waypoint, track, or other object on the map or in the list lets you edit that object, send it to your GPS, and carry out other actions.

Right-clicking multiple objects of the same type

You'll get a different set of available actions if you right-click on a group of waypoints, or two tracks. For example, the Join command is only available when two or more tracks have been selected.

Right-clicking on a bunch of different objects on the map

If your selection on the map includes waypoints AND tracks, you'll get different available actions than if you right-clicked on just waypoints.

Right-clicking on the map with nothing selected, or while using one of the drawing tools

You can use the Map Shortcut Menu to quickly change the basemap type (street map, aerial photo, etc) or to switch to a different map tool.

Right-clicking on data in the List View

You'll get different contextual options based on the row and column of data where you right-click in the list. For example, right-clicking on a Label in the list allows you to quickly edit it, and right-clicking on a cell containing Elevation data lets you quickly switch between meters and feet.

Right-clicking on a blank row in the List View

Right-clicking in an empty list or below the last row of data will give you options to paste or create new data, receive data from your GPS, etc.

Right-clicking on the row of column headers at the top of the List View

Right-click on the header row in the list to quickly add, remove, or change the column layout in the list.

Right-clicking on the data panes in the lower right corner of the main window

Right-click on any of the data panes in the lower right corner of the main window to quickly change coordinate formats, units of measure, or the map scale.

Right-clicking in a text entry input box

You can right-click in any of the text entry fields (where you'd type text or numbers) in any dialog box in ExpertGPS to paste text from Excel or other applications.

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