DXF / GPX Converter for AutoCAD

It's an easy, one-step process to convert any CAD drawing in DXF format to GPX with ExpertGPS Pro. Take any ACAD file and create GPX files from your CAD drawings that you can send to any GPS receiver, share with clients, or publish online.

The best way to convert AutoCAD's .dxf format to GPX is to import your DXF into ExpertGPS mapping software, using Import on the File menu. ExpertGPS Pro automatically reprojects your drawing from UTM, state plane coordinates, or any other projection into GPX's native format (latitude and longitude in decimal degreees, in WGS84 datum). ExpertGPS isn't just a GPX converter - it's a great utility for editing your converted CAD drawings, assigning waypoint symbols, and editing GPX files.

ExpertGPS is 100% compatible with GPX, the GPS Exchange Format. It uses GPX as its native file format, and you can copy and paste GPX directly between ExpertGPS and any other GPX-enabled application. ExpertGPS was written by TopoGrafix, the maintainers of the GPX Standard, so you know you're getting a proven DXF to GPX converter.

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