Video tutorial: Moving a GPS point on the map

Michael O. writes:
quoteI am having issues with the creation of shapes. I have found that as I am creating a shape, I cannot change the location of a particular shape point. The only recourse I can determine is to redo the whole shape. In some cases this means retracing a large number of points. (Landing zones, training areas, and so on are not regular shapes and highlighting those areas on maps is highly desirable.) In looking at the shape list, I don’t see any means of editing the shapes.quote

Use the Move Selected tool to select the entire shape. It will be drawn in yellow, and each individual shape point will appear as a white dot. Drag a selection rectangle around the shape point you want to move. It will be highlighted in magenta. Now drag it to its new location. To get rid of the purple highlight, click Clear Selection on the Tools menu.

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