Collect GPS data and map it along with your CAD DXF drawings

Import GPS data into AutoCAD. Send DXF files to your GPS

ExpertGPS Pro converts waypoints and tracks from any GPS receiver into DXF files for AutoCAD. Convert your CAD data to KML and view it in Google Earth. Merge CAD .dxf files and GIS .shp files with field data collected with inexpensive handheld GPS receivers. View your CAD drawings over USGS topo maps and aerial photos of your survey and project sites.

Import your AutoCAD DXF drawings and view over seamless aerial photos in ExpertGPS Pro

Convert DXF files to and from GPX format

Convert GPX, the GPS exchange format, to and from GPS, KML, SHP, CAD and DXF

Convert DXF files to and from Google Earth's KML format

Convert KML and KMZ files to and from GPS, GPX, SHP, CAD and DXF

Transfer DXF files to and from your GPS receiver

Download DXF and CAD drawings to and from any GPS receiver

Converting DWG files

If you have DWG files from AutoCAD or another CAD package, you will need to convert your DWG files to DXF before ExpertGPS Pro can convert them to KML or send them to your GPS.

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New features added
July 28, 2014

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