Convert Menu

Convert Menu

The Convert menu contains commands to edit, delete, and manipulate waypoints, routes, tracks, shapes, and notes.

Convert Data to Another Type
Convert between waypoints and notes, or between routes, tracks, and shapes.
Import Shapefile
Import shapefile (.shp) data from ESRI ArcGIS. Convert point shapefiles to GPS waypoints. Convert polyline and polygon shapefiles to GPS tracks or filled shapes on the map.
Import CSV
Import CSV and text data and convert to GPS waypoints or tracks.
Change Coordinate Format
Convert GIS, GIS, or CAD data between coordinate formats. Convert lat/lon, UTM, state plane, and national grid coordinates.

Convert to

Convert toConvert to Menu
Convert the selected notes to waypoints.
Convert the selected tracks and shapes to routes.
Convert the selected routes and shapes to tracks.
Convert the selected routes and tracks to shapes.
Convert the selected waypoints to notes.
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